Course Outline


Course Title:

Educational Technology (Technology in Education)

Course Code:


Academic Year:

2006 – 2007




Three (3)




Two domains of educational technology are the development and utilization of educational tools, resources and processes in order to enhance or improve the instructional process and thereby facilitate learning. This course is about equipping students with the knowledge and skills to enable them to effectively develop and utilize educational experiences.


Course Objectives


The course is intended:


(i)           To help students improve their knowledge of instructional technologies, their strengths and weaknesses.

(ii)         To help students improve their skills in the use of such technologies


Course Description


This course will expose students to the many tools of technology and communication available to the teacher. They will be able to apply their knowledge of  various theory bases to the integration of technologies. The course will include strategies in the use of non-electronic and electronic technology including internet technologies, multimedia, digital and other computer related technologies.  Students will also be able to evaluate and assess commercial ‘educational’ programs and explore the use of computer technology for their own research and professional development as well as for presentation in classrooms. 


Learning Approach – Problem Based Learning


Problem based learning is a method of learning by which students learn through the exercise of solving a problem. Experience has shown that traditional forms of teaching do not engender transferability. Research has shown that when students are given a problem to solve and that problem solving is facilitated by a coach that students are better able to subsequently perform at high levels of learning and retention and learning transfer  is enhanced.


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